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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal treatment is actually a dental procedure, carried out to remove the infection inside the centre of tooth (also known as pulp), which contains the nerves and blood Vessels. When this part gets infected by bacteria, and the infection is allowed to grow unchecked, it eventually destroys the pulp and also spreads to the root of the Tooth, which can result in severe tooth decay, and ultimately the removal of the tooth to stop the infection from spreading to other teeth in close vicinity.

To put it more objectively; Root Canal Treatment is the only method that can effectively save a highly infected tooth as long as it is not decayed or destroyed beyond a point where tooth extraction is the only possible way out. Usually when the inside of a tooth is infected, its pulp containing the blood vessels and nerves gets destroyed by the bacteria. If this infection goes unchecked, it can also spread to the root of the tooth and destroy it completely as well.

That’s why it is extremely important to watch out for any signs of teeth infection every now and then to avoid being caught unaware after the damage has already been done by the infection. Going to a good dental facility in your area is definitely the most advisable course of action if any signs of infection are noticed in the teeth.


Fillings are a way to restore the teeth that have been either decayed due to infection or chipped or broken due to an accident. With the help of fillings, these decayed and broken/chipped teeth are restored back to shape by a dentist in a simple and easy to undertake procedure. Under this procedure, the infected area of the teeth decayed by infection is cleaned thoroughly to remove any bacteria or any debris left due to teeth decay. Then this cleaned area is filled with a filling material to give the teeth the same shape (dimensions) that it had before the procedure.

The filling once hardened is trimmed and cut into shape to match the symmetry of teeth in the jawbone. To match it with the remaining teeth, the filling is also polished well to give it the same shade and visual appearance. Depending on the choice and affordability of the person getting the fillings, fillings could be made of gold, porcelain, a composite resin (also called tooth-colour fillings), and also from an amalgamated mixture (usually an alloy of mercury, silver, copper and tin/zinc).

As far as choosing a filling is concerned, there are pros and cons involved with all types of filling materials being used at present. Gold is one choice that can be really appropriate if the person getting the filling is comfortable with the steep cost involved with it. The advantage of choosing Gold is that it is well tolerated by gums, and does not decay even after constant use and friction with the teeth while chewing. Moreover, a gold filling could last up to 20 years or so if set and filled properly by the dentist. The only drawback with gold is the cost and a pretty high number of visits it usually requires to get the gold filling in place.

Amalgamated or silver fillings on the other hand are also resistant to wear and tear and comparatively cheaper than gold, but because of their dark colour, they are not used for fillings in teeth that are situated in the front part facing the mouth opening. Composite resins are ideal for people desiring the same coloured filling for their teeth. However because of their non-resistance to tear and wear, composites usually don’t last more than 2 to 3 years. Porcelain fillings can also be matched to the colour of the teeth with ease and they are also resistant to stains, their only drawback is their cost which is similar to gold, and also their susceptibility to breaking, due to the extreme hardness of porcelain as a material.

Dental Implants

In simple terms, dental implants primarily are artificial tooth roots that are fixed into the jaw-bone with the help of screws to enable fixing of artificial teeth in place of missing teeth in the denture. Classified as a branch of prosthetic dentistry, dental implants help in the fixing of artificial teeth to the jawbone just like original teeth that usually last till the end of the person’s life. With the help of these permanent implants, old people who have lost most of their natural teeth can now get a full set of artificial teeth fixed in their mouth, and enjoy the rest of their life eating anything and everything like they did back in the days when they were young.

Dental implants also help in restoring the strength of the bite and the firmness of jawbone as well to give the treated person fullness in facial features and the confidence of eating even harder foods which they could not have even imagined before getting an implant. Under these implants, a small titanium screw is fixed into the jaw-bone of the person getting the implant, then artificial tooth or teeth depending on the condition of the denture are fixed on the titanium implant permanently.

The great thing about these implants is their longevity, and their convenience of being fixed permanently to the jawbone makes them as good as natural teeth with the added advantage of no decay or damage throughout the rest of their life.

Teeth Whitening

We also offer teeth whitening solutions to people to help them get rid of the problem of discoloured and stained teeth. People with bad and stained teeth can develop severe personality issues due to the fear of embarrassment in public or how people would react after seeing their stained teeth. One of the major drawbacks of having stained teeth is the bad impression they have on other people and its subsequent impact on the outcome of a meeting or a presentation that the person might be making to impress a perspective client(s).

With our Teeth whitening solutions however, people having stained teeth can put all their worries aside for good. We carry out teeth whitening procedures at our facilities with the help of bleaching, a most commonly used procedure for teeth whitening worldwide. With this procedure, all people suffering from the problem of stained teeth get shinier and brighter teeth in a single or a couple of sittings depending on the severity of the stains on the teeth of the person getting the treatment.

Although there is no dearth of teeth whitening products being sold in the market these days, but when it comes to effectiveness and achieving visible results, there are only a handful of products that are known to deliver the results that they promise on their packaging. Our teeth whitening solutions on the other hand give our clients the desired results in even a single or couple of sittings at the most, which is a great way of getting a marked improvement in the shade of teeth.


We also deal in Dentures that also act as replacement for missing tooth or teeth but are not fixed permanently to the jawbone. These dentures are generally taken out by users at night before going to sleep, and put back on again after waking up in the morning and resuming daily activities. The main drawback with dentures is their unstable position in the mouth and their constant shifting on the jawbone every time the person opens his/her mouth to eat or say something during a conversation.

Although the dentures being fitted today are quite natural looking and more comfortable than ever to wear in mouth, but when it comes to having a natural feel, they don’t even come close to original teeth or even dental implants for that matter. However, because of the big price difference between implants and artificial dentures, dentures are still the choice of many people who just can’t afford the cost of having dental implants in their mouth.

Presently we deal in installation of two types of dentures; partial dentures for people missing a few numbers of teeth, and full dentures for people who have had a complete wipe-out due to severe dental problems early on. Every denture installed at our facilities is custom made according to the shape of the jaw-bone of the individual who wants to have denture installed.

Braces and Aligners

We also deal in fitting Braces and Aligners to people who suffer from uneven and non-aligned teeth. Braces are the old way of correcting alignment of teeth by putting wires around uneven and non-aligned teeth and applying a constant force on them to correct the alignment in an approximate time frame. With braces, the person being treated has to go for periodic check-ups at the dentist for assessing whether the teeth set for alignment are falling into place as desired. If this is not the case, then the dentist corrects the tension in the braces to increase or decrease the pressure to achieve the right alignment for a perfect locking of the upper and lower jaw.

With the help of braces, the problem of uneven teeth, overlapping teeth, unevenly spaced out teeth, outward or inward slanting teeth and non-aligned teeth can be corrected under the periodic supervision of our dentists. With perfectly aligned upper and lower jaw bones after successful application of braces, the bite effectiveness of the person is also enhanced significantly. The decision to install braces however solely depends on the dentist, who takes this decision after assessing the age and the condition of the jawbone of the person being considered for braces. With younger people, the results of Braces can be seen much faster in approximately a year or so, while in grown-ups, the results take a bit longer from 18 months to 36 months as well to have a visible difference in the symmetry and alignment of teeth.

Aligners on the other hand are removable medical grade appliances made of plastic which patients can wear instead of braces and wires to correct misaligned teeth in their mouth. Aligners are a gift of modern dentistry to mankind that provide a perfect alternative to braces for correcting the alignment of teeth in lower and upper jaw bone. People who always have inhibitions about wearing braces can wear aligners to correct the alignment of their teeth without anybody even knowing about it. More suited for minor teeth movement, these aligners can also be removed while eating, drinking, brushing and flossing of teeth every day.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

This is a surgical specialty branch at our facilities that particularly deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases affecting the mouth, jaws, face & neck region. With so many parts being covered under this specialty, the scope of oral and maxillofacial Surgery becomes vastly extensive and covers all facial injuries and conditions, neck injuries and related conditions, teeth injuries and related conditions and jaw injuries and conditions related to it as well. In other words, this specialty deals with the diagnosis, surgery and treatment of diseases, injuries and anomalies in both the functional and visual aspects of hard & soft tissues present in the oral and maxillofacial region.

There are several reasons that might cause a patient to visit an Oral-Maxillofacial Surgeon…

  1. If dental implants are to be installed to replace missing teeth.
  2. If oral surgery is to be performed anaesthesia.
  3. If an oral, facial cyst or tumour is to be diagnosed, removed and reconstructed.
  4. If a jaw needs aligning.
  5. If a jaw joint(s) is to be repaired with TMJ surgery.
  6. If a facial or jaw re-construction is required after cancer surgery.
  7. If facial bones are to be re-aligned after a facial injury.
  8. If a tooth requires extracting.

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